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The content on this website is provided by


Fabian L Schrey

P.O Box 206039

Yale Post Office

New Haven, CT




Alternative contact:

20 Rue des Eaux-Vives

1207 Genève



T:  +41 22 55 777 31



The copyright of any document, text or code on this website rests with the author. If content is from a source different to the above mentioned that source will be cited explicitly.  All errors and omissions are mine.  Teaching materials have, unless stated otherwise, not been reviewed or approved by course instructors and are therefore not official course material. They are merely a tool to facilitate learning and provide additional information that relate to the courses I teach. Examinable material is stated in the official syllabus. For academic purposes please cite published or working papers only. Please do not cite any blog entries. Any opinions expressed on this website are mine and do not reflect the opinion of any institution I am affiliated with or was affiliated with in the past. 


My thanks go to all authors that have provided additional material for this website, to everyone who provided feedback to my research as well as to all my students at the Yale University Economics Department that provide valuable feedback to my teaching notes. 

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